We particularly welcome contributions on the following tracks (but not limited to):

-Literature as a field of identity construction
-The construction of identity in multilingual literature
-Language choice as a marker of identity construction in Arab women’s writings
-Language diversity/ dialect use in literary texts
-Identity construction and linguistic diversity in Arabic/ world literature
-Linguistic innovations in literary texts
-Language and gender in literature
-Linguistic approaches to literature
-Vernacular elements and literary language
-Literary dialect between linguistic and stylistic scrutiny
-Multicultural literary texts and identity
-Dialect and stylistic connotations in literary expression
-Cultural and hybrid identities through literature
-Migration, crossing borders, and identity through narratives
-Hybrid identities through Muslim women’s writings
-Folklore and identity construction
-Code-choice and identity construction
-Translating identities in multilingual communities
-Identity and theatre translation
-The multiplicity of identities in translating children’s literature
-Strategies for translating culture-specific items in literary texts
-Folktales, identity construction, and translation
-The translator’s voice in shaping identities
-The translator’s creative voice
-Shaping cultural identity through translated literary texts

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Andrew Charles Breeze Navara University, Spain
Dr. Reshmi S University of Calkut, India
Prof. Faisal Abdul  Wahhab Hayder Al-Doori Tikrit University, Iraq
Dr. Leslie R. Malland University of Texas Permian Basin, USA

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